LFTD Partners Inc.
formerly known as Acquired Sales Corp.

OTCQB Ticker Symbol: LSFP

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About LSFP

LFTD Partners Inc. (ticker symbol LSFP), is focused upon acquiring growing companies that sell branded products containing hemp-derived cannabinoids, nicotine e-liquid and vapes, kratom and kava products.


LSFP's wholly-owned subsidiary is award-winning hemp-derived products maker Lifted Made (www.LiftedMade.com), which was founded in 2014 by Nick Warrender. Lifted Made has a 50% membership interest in SmplyLifted LLC, which sells tobacco-free nicotine pouches under the brand name FR3SH (www.GETFR3SH.com). LSFP also owns 4.99% of CBD-infused beverage and products maker Ablis (www.AblisBev.com), and of distillers Bendistillery Inc. d/b/a Crater Lake Spirits (www.CraterLakeSpirits.com) and Bend Spirits, Inc.


LSFP has also signed a letter of intent to acquire Savage Enterprises (www.SavageEnterprises.com), Irvine, California, the owner of award-winning hemp-derived products brand Delta Extrax (www.DeltaExtrax.com), sub-brand Chronix, Savage CBD (www.SavageCBD.com), male enhancement products brand Vix (www.ThisIsVix.com), kratom and kava-based products brand Kanna, and to enter the California marijuana industry by purchasing Savage Enterprises’ affiliates Premier Greens LLC and MKRC Holdings, LLC, Palm Springs, California, the closing of which transactions are subject to a number of contingencies.


LSFP has also signed a letter of intent to acquire Fresh Farms E-Liquid, LLC (www.FreshFarmsELiquid.com), Fountain Valley, California, whose portfolio includes vapor products Fresh Farms and Fruitia, JUS tobacco-free nicotine vapor products, and HAPPI cannabinoid products (www.HappiHemp.com), the closing of which transaction is subject to a number of contingencies. Please read LSFP's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which fully describe our business and the Risk Factors associated therewith.

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