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Mike McCaffrey

Richard E. Morrissy

Richard E. Morrissy is one of our directors. Since August 2016, Mr. Morrissy has been working at the University of Illinois - Chicago Department of Medicine’s Section of Infectious Disease in a research clinic called Project WISH as Clinical Coordinator in Regulatory Affairs. Previously, Mr. Morrissy was the Senior Research Specialist at the Department of Surgery – CS within the UIC College of Medicine. Mr. Morrissy was a project coordinator for the School of Pharmacy. His duties included serving as project coordinator on four clinical trial research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute. The School of Pharmacy projects involved multiple research projects utilizing Lycopene in restoring DNA damage in men’s prostates. The project at UIC’s internationally acclaimed Occupational Therapy School involved the setup and running of focus groups with impaired individuals to create a movement and activity computer survey for the World Health Organization. During his tenure, Mr. Morrissy managed clinical research trials including the submission of institutional review board documents and grant proposals, recruitment of subjects and data management and storage. He also designed and led focus groups, designed and critiqued research surveys, and edited manuscripts and scientific journals. Mr. Morrissy received a B.A. in History from Western Illinois University.

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